Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sorry for long layoff, Off Day Notes

My home laptop is still being fixed, explaining the long layoff between posts. I still have been watching the games, however. The Texas series started out great, with CC going eight innings and allowing four runs. Tuesday and Wednesday were disappointing losses. Tuesday, Yu Darvish looked the Yankees look like a little league team, shutting them out for 8.1 impressive innings. The mystery that is Phil Hughes continues, with him only going 2.2 innings and allowing 4 earned runs and leaving the bases loaded for Rapada to work through. Hughes' fastball velocity is there. His stuff is impressive, but he is missing his spots by a large margin. Martin had to move his glove to catch Hughes' pitches all night, leaving people to wonder where this Hughes saga will ultimately turn around, or end.

More bad news surfaced yesterday, with Pineda's MRI showing that he has torn his labrum in his right shoulder. He will go for arthroscopic surgery next Tuesday, and will be out of baseball for a full calendar year. This is a huge blow for the Yankees. With Pettitte nearing his return, they don't really have a pitcher that is deserving to stay in the rotation between Hughes and Garcia. Pineda being a non-factor for the 2012 season certainly makes it easier to bump someone out of the rotation this year. Garcia and Hughes each have 1-2 more chances to make up for their terrible starts this season. At that point, Pettitte will return and one of the struggling pitchers will be sent to the bullpen. My gut tells me that Freddy Garcia will be the odd-man out because of Hughes' potential. Garcia is a junkballer who is nearing the end of his career. Hughes is 25 with a huge upside for success in the major leagues.

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