Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reflecting on an off-day

Through the first week of the regular season, there have been players who have stepped up and contributed to the Yankees three wins. The wins they have gotten have been thrilling.

The only starting pitchers who have really made a difference the first time through the rotation are Ivan Nova and CC Sabathia. Although Sabathia didn't have an impressive start last night, he gave the Yankees a lift after starting slow. That's what an ace does to pick up his bullpen. The relievers have all been fantastic during the Yankees 3 game win streak, with David Phelps perhaps providing the best relief on Tuesday night after Garcia gave the Yankees nearly nothing. Mariano Rivera pitched three straight days of shutout baseball, getting 2 saves in the process. Cory Wade has also been lights out, proving that spring training means absolutely nothing.

The hitting has been less than perfect, with the biggest bats in the lineup not being able to find a hole or in A-Rod's case- make contact. Then there are guys who have stepped up. Jeter has returned to form after people doubting his career. I will admit, I thought he was done too in the beginning of last year, and I guarentee that every single one of you thought the same thing. Jeter proved us all wrong. I like when that happens, because then I know a player is performing at their best. Ibanez and Cano have also been impact hitters, with Ibanez already getting two big hits within the first six games of the season. He too, proves that spring statistics mean zilch.

Kuroda gets the ball tomorrow afternoon against the Angels, and he has to perform. This start will be looked at differently than his other one because it is his first start at Yankee Stadium. All eyes will be on the right-hander.

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