Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yankees in control in Boston

Sorry for not posting the last few days. Computer problems have been plaguing my ability to write.

The first two games in Boston have been collective team wins, with the second game being one for the ages. They were games where the team picked each other up. The first game featured five solo home rubs, 2 coming from Eric Chavez. Nova was great in his third win of the season, surrendering 2 earned runs with 1 of the runs coming after Swisher lost a ball in the sun. Nova's pitch count was still under control so I think he could have pitched another inning but Girardi did not want to take any chances and brought in the bullpen for the final 9 outs.

Yesterday, was a day that will forever live in infamy for Red Sox Nation.It a game where the Red Sox carried a 9-0 lead in the 6th inning, they would ultimately give up 15 runs in the next three innings en route to a terrible 15-9 loss. This is a sweet victory for the Yankees who have had to listen to Bobby Valentine's jabs all through spring training. This means a lot for Mark Teixeira, who is showing that his April slump may be over after hitting two home runs and a double, driving in 6 runs in the Yankees stunning victory. Swisher got the go-ahead hit, lining a double to deep center field to drive in Nunez and Jeter.

Yesterday's game goes to show how weak Boston's bullpen really is. The pen gave up 14 runs in 2 innings. It is an embarrassment for Boston, and a great win for the Yankees who have now won 3 in a row and stand at 9-6 on the season while Boston has lost another game, with a 4-9 record and a 5th place spot in the AL East standings.

Tonight, it's CC Sabathia against Daniel Bard if the game is played. The rain is coming down in the northeast badly and should get even worse tonight. The Mets already postponed their game this afternoon against the Giants which may be an indication that this game will not be played tonight in Boston.

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