Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yanks drop 3 Straight

Is is time for panic in Yankee Universe? Not quite, but diehard fans like myself are beginning to wonder whether or not this team would be any different from the ones of the last two years. Hughes gave the Yankees a decent chance to come back and win today's game but Hellickson just shut the offense down and almost went the distance, going 8.2 innings and allowing only three hits and walking four.

Runners are not being driven in when they are in scoring position. All the games have been lost because of failed opportunities. You go into a game thinking that the opposing team scoring three runs will give you a pretty good shot to win the game, even if Hellickson is the starting pitcher on the other side. The Yankees scrapped out three lousy hits in today's matinee, with opportunities wasted the limited number of times there were chances to take the lead.

There needs to be a shakeup on this team. The same old lineup isn't cutting it. Girardi needs to try what has been making Maddon so successful as manager. I understand that it is a completely different market than Tampa Bay is, but Joe needs to see how to optimize his lineup according to the strength of his hitters.

The Yankees are now 0-3 on the season, and they go into Baltimore tomorrow night still needing to prove something. Maybe facing the Orioles will be of benefit to this struggling offense right now.

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