Saturday, April 7, 2012

AlMOst a Win

Game 1 of the regular season did not go as planned at all. Sabathia could not stop giving up hits and Mariano Rivera showed his human side tonight after giving up the game winning RBI to Carlos Pena, who had already hurt Sabathia earlier in the game with a grand slam.

Neither side had good pitching performances, but in the end Tampa Bay outlasted the Yankees. My one gripe with Girardi is that he overmanaged in the first inning. With C.C. facing Sean Rodriguez, Girardi instructed C.C. on walking the hitter to face the lefty, Carlos Pena. With your ace on the mound on the FIRST inning, why would you question his stuff by making him walk a hitter with no real history in the big leagues? Joe Maddon's decisions payed off in the game, and I feel that Girardi was trying to pull a Joe Maddon but it came back and fired in his face.

The Yankees offense went silent after the third inning, with an embarrassing hitting display against Tampa's average relievers. Mariano gave up hits to the first 2 hitters he faced, tying the score and eventually loading the bases for Carlos Pena who had already burned the Yankees in the game.

Let's hope for a better game 2 when Kuroda makes his Yankee debut against lefty David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays

Final Score of tonight's game: Tampa Bay-7, Yankees 6
WP: Rodney (1-0)
LP: Rivera (0-1)

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