Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tumble Continues

The Yankees have officially forgotten how to play baseball. They are not getting any hits in the late innings when trailing. Hits, not even runs. They are incapable of amassing a base hit to strand a runner. They explode in the first inning of these games, gain leads, give it all up and then some and finally fade quietly into the night. It is frustrating to watch a team with such talent to struggle the way the Yankees have. At the rate they are playing now, it would not be unfathomable to see the Yankees playing in a one game playoff against the second wildcard team. They are airmailing their season with a handful of games remaining, something all too familiar for the Yankees. They did it last year and the year before to bad results. The offense was one struggle for the Yankees tonight. They again were unable to get the big hit. The pitching is a different story.

Ivan Nova let a two run lead slip away in the fifth inning after giving up a grand slam to Kevin Youkilis. Nova has been terrible this year and needs to get taken out of the rotation to sort out his problems. Nova gets into these funks and is unable to work out of them without getting a kick to the rear end. The Yankees can not afford to keep sending Nova to the mound to watch him continuously fail. They have a lead to protect in the division and letting that go would be a travesty for a team who had a ten game lead at one point in the season.

The Yankees will try to get at least one game in this series tomorrow night against Chris Sale, who is having a fantastic sophomore season. Hughes will try to pich a decent game for the Yankees tomorrow, or else their division lead will dissipate even more.

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