Saturday, August 4, 2012

The King Earns his Throne

Today was a day where the Yankees picked the wrong day to face Felix Hernandez. From the first inning on, you knew that Felix had his best stuff. Aside from two early hits, the Yankees were scrambling to even get a base runner. King Felix was outstanding today. It isn't possible to get on the Yankees offense because he did not give them any chances to break through. Every pitch had a meaning and every pitch was executed successfully to the point where the Yankee hitters looked foolish coming to the plate. From each at bat, you knew the Yankees were dead men walking. The best thing for the Yankees to do after this game is to completely forget about it. Not many pitchers are capable of shutting down the Yankees offense. Of the three pitchers who are capable, Felix showed the crowd who was king today.

As Kuroda goes, his stuff was excellent today. On any other day, Kuroda would have won this game but today he pitched against a freak of nature. Hiroki Kuroda continues to be a shining light in the Yankees starting rotation. Had Kuroda not have given up one run, the game still would have probably resulted in a loss as Felix would have pitched ten innings if it was a scoreless tie. Today was a tough luck loss for the Yankees and they have to move on and win tomorrow's game against Iwakuma.

The Yankees will send Freddy Garcia to the mound tomorrow as the Bombers try to win the series against the Mariners in their last match up of the season barring an unlikely comeback by the Mariners to end up in the postseason. The Yankees faced Iwakuma in Seattle and did little against him but came back late in the game against the M's bullpen.

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