Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sabathia Mows down the M's

CC Sabathia came into tonight needing a win in the biggest way, not only because of how the team has played recently but also because he has not been dominant in a very long time and the fans needed to see CC pitch a representative game tonight. He didn't face a hefty lineup but a Major League lineup is still a Major League lineup and twenty-seven outs need to be recorded. Sabathia was breezing through the game and until the ninth inning, had given up only one hit which happened to be a home run. The ninth inning was a tad tumultuous for CC but he recorded twenty-seven outs and the game went into the book as a complete game for CC Sabathia. The Yankees bullpen has been taxed of late and by giving them two full days off, they enter tomorrow's game re-energized and ready to go in case Kuroda does not pitch well. If Sabathia struggled against this Mariners lineup, I would start to get worried. This start was no litmus test for the big lefty, but it proved that his stuff is able to get out Major League players.

Kevin Millwood gave his team a decent effort tonight but ended up getting the loss. He started the game off nicely but the third inning was not nice to him as he allowed a two-run single to Curtis Granderson. Eric Chavez chipped in as well with his tenth home run of the season. Chavez continues to be an invaluable part of this roster and his power only proves that he still has a lot left in the tank. The Yankees need to bring him back next year and make that their first priority after locking up Cano and Granderson. With Alex Rodriguez slowly transitioning into a designated hitter, the Yankees need a veteran third baseman who is reliable on a day in, day out basis. The Yankees offense continues to produce with men like Ibanez and Chavez leading the pact in tonight's game.

Tomorrow afternoon, Felix Hernandez makes another start against the Yankees, his third of the year. His previous outing against them in Seattle was dominant but he was hit around in his last start in the Bronx. King Felix will be pitching against Hiroki Kuroda, who has been unbelievably good since May.

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