Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time to Hit the Panic Button

Forget about this game, but the Yankees have just lost two out of three games to the Toronto Blue Jays. This is a team that is dreadful this season. The Yankees are treading water on their division lead and the Yankees blew a series which they should have swept to begin with. CC Sabathia gave the Yankees a decent start but the defense and bullpen did not help him. With three errors on the day and Joba coming in with an emptied bullpen to give up another two runs in a one-run game, that is why the Yankees lost. Another alarming statistic is that the Yankees got hit after hit to lead off innings and just could not get anyone in to score. An even more alarming statistic is that the Yankees are 0-46 when trailing after eight innings. The Yankees are the only team in baseball to not come back to win a game when trailing after eight frames. They play in the same league as the Houston Astros. That alone says it all.

With Baltimore coming in for three games over the weekend, the Yankees should be biting their nails after winning only one game against a terrible team who came into the series limping and on a seven game losing streak. This weekend series could mean the division lead for the Yankees. The series right after that will be in Tampa. After Tampa, the Yankees head to Baltimore for another four games. The Yankees' next ten games could mean life or death on their season. One would think that with two AL East foes over the next ten games, the Yankees need to power up and get their season together before dismantling all together.

The Yankees have tomorrow as an off-day to think about what a terrible game they played today. I hope the food tastes worse for the players as they reflect on their last two series and how they blew them both.

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