Saturday, July 7, 2012

Red Sox salvage Night-cap

After the Yankees won the afternoon portion of the split day/night double-header, it was the Red Sox turn to embarrass the Yankees. Specifically, rookie shortstop Pedro Ciriaco who doubled in the go-ahead runs in the sixth inning against Phil Hughes. Before that inning, Hughes was pitching a good game having given up only one run. Tonight was a blip in the streak of good starts by Hughes. The bullpen and defense was not much help either. The Yankees made a season high four errors in tonight's game which ultimately game the game away to Boston. If Jeter makes the play on a ground ball in the sixth inning, Hughes might escape the inning without allowing a run. It did not play out that way though. Cory Wade was brought back from the minors tonight as the twenty-sixth man on the roster. He gave up three more runs, one of which was an earned run. That was in .2 innings pitched. Surely, Wade will be sent down after tonight's game and will continue to work on his mechanics. He can't pitch in the majors with an ERA of six.

The offense made its living off of the long ball tonight. They hit three more home runs in the night portion of the game to give them seven for the day. After Teixeira's three-run blast to begin the game, Jones and Chavez both hit solo shots but they weren't enough to overcome the four runs deficit that the Yankees eventually lost by. The turning point of the game was when Jones and Ibanez both came up with the bases loaded in the eigthth and both popped up to the catcher. All three runners were left stranded and so was the Yankees rally.

Tomorrow night, Ivan Nova will try to give the Yankees the series in Boston when he steps on the mound against the Red Sox. Pitching for Boston will be lefty Jon Lester who has an ERA of 4.33 and a 5-5 record on the year.

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