Monday, July 9, 2012

Nova, Jones key as Yankees take 3 of 4

Heading into the All-Star break, who would have believed me that the Yankees would have a seven game lead in the AL East and Nova would lead the pitching staff in wins? I wouldn't even believe myself after the Yankees were 21-21 through a quarter of the season. Despite all of their issues, the Yankees have persevered and come out to a comfortable lead in the standings. Unlike last year, the Yankees are 5-1 against the Red Sox through their first six games when last year, they were 0-6 against them at the same point of the season.

Tonight, Ivan Nova gave the Yankees a gritty and gutty performance that they needed to set a tone heading into the break. They have won three games against the Red Sox thanks to some clutch hitting and key pitching when they needed it. Nova struck out ten batters through six innings and allowed just two runs. Joe Girardi used up his relievers today because of the long break. The next game will be on Friday and the manager wanted to give them a run before a long layoff.

The Yankee offense continued their strong first inning tonight with two runs off of Jon Lester in the first. They collected fourteen hits throughout and scores seven runs. Andruw Jones had a Renaissance this weekend in Boston. He continued his great weekend with another home run tonight and three RBI. Without Jones, the Yankees would not have won three games this weekend. As much as I hate on Jones, he proved to me that he is trustworthy again in my eyes.

Tomorrow night, Robinson Cano will try to repeat in the Home Run Derby. If he does win it all again, expect a post on it. I will enjoy this week away from writing otherwise. See you all on Friday against the Angels unless Cano wins it all tomorrow night.

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