Monday, May 21, 2012

Yankees Stinking up the Joint

For the third straight game, the Yankees have been hideous. They just aren't getting the big hit. They had a lot of opportunities tonight, with the most glaring a bases loaded, nobody out situation. There is nothing more to say. There is no hitting. They are getting hits to lead off an inning, but nothing after that. If they get a hit with two outs, nothing after that. They are getting about a hit per inning. The bats have been silent. Nobody is driving anyone in. Zilch! Nada! The offense is as anemic as possible. The Yankees fall to a .500 team a quarter into the season. They are now 21-21 and at the bottom of the American League East. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira look especially pathetic in this stretch. They can't buy a hit if it was served to them on a silver platter.

The bottom line with Kuroda is that he is an inconsistent pitcher. He can't keep the ball in the park and has a lot of trouble in first innings before the Yankees even get a chance to score. Freddy Garcia serves no purpose in the bullpen. They need a legitimate reliever to take Garcia's spot and cut Freddy. They need to bench Mark Teixeira and move Alex Rodriguez down in the lineup.

Girardi's hair is getting grayer. He is getting more impatient by the game and has to answer the same question before and after every game. It is comical how bad the Yankee offense has been this season. They are at the bottom of most offensive categories and find themselves with a high payroll and a mediocre record.

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