Thursday, May 17, 2012

Offense Fails to Show again

For the third straight night, the Yankees offense has looked completely anemic. They are not getting ANY hits with runners in scoring position and seem to be making sloppy plays in the field. Last night Kuroda got shelled against the Toronto offense, making people wonder if he really differs from Burnett. Kuroda is unpredictable start to start. He has a decent outing one day and five days later gets bombed. Hughes looked decent today despite getting a lot of runners on. He managed to escape all jams but one, which was the difference in the game anyway.

The offense has been atrocious. Over the Yankees last three games against the Orioles and the Blue Jays, they have scored a total of 4 runs. 4 runs in 3 games would not even get the win if CC pitched in three consecutive games. As a matter of fact, if the Yankees saved all four of those runs and decided to place them in one specific game of the three, they wouldn't even win one game with the four runs. Over their last three games the Yankees have been outscored 17-4. In that span, they have gone 2-25 with runners in scoring position. An .080 average with runners in scoring position will not win any games.

Mark Teixeira has continued to look awful at the plate. He will not get benched because of the enormity of his contract. Andruw Jones is atrocious at the plate this year. He swings at anything and has a tendency to not play hard. Russell Martin is hitting a mere .167 ON THE SEASON. That batting average deserves him getting sent down all by itself. He is not doing "great things" behind the plate either. He's had noticeably more passed balls this year. The team is just not clicking. Brett Gardner needs to come off the DL fast to end this Ibanez/Jones experiment in the outfield every night. The team looks tired. They look overworked. They look old. 38 games into the season, the Yankees look like they have played 150 games. It scares me to wonder where this team is headed in September.

Girardi can say anything he wants about "not getting hits when they are needed". Come the winter, if the Yankees finish the season horribly and don't make the playoffs, I expect upper management to make the call that is needed to be made regarding Joe Girardi as the manager of this baseball team. The competition the Yankees have in the American League is too good to mess up against. The Rangers have the most complete team in all of baseball. They have young impact hitters who hit mistakes and a pitching staff that is doing their job in the most home run prone ballpark in the American League.

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