Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ball stops rolling again

After what seemed to be a momentum changing win last night, the Yankees find themselves exactly where they left off before Friday. Once again, Ivan Nova gave up too much in six innings and allowed too many extra base hits. According to the YES Network, Nova has given up the most extra base hits out of any pitcher in the major leagues this season. That won't get the job done because the Yankees aren't scoring enough to cover up Nova's mistakes. After the Votto 3-run homer, I got the feeling that the game was over judging by the Yankees recent struggles offensively.

The offense went 2-7 with RISP, and got both hits in the ninth inning in an attempt to come back and win the game. The hitters strung together a few hits in the ninth, but overall are not producing with runners in scoring position. The ninth inning gives hope that the Yanks can turn their hitting skid around. Another issue that the Yankees face is their starters not limiting damage. If a Yankee starter gives up 3 runs, you hope that the Yankees can at least tie the game. They rely too heavily on the long ball and fall short in close games because they think more about the short porch than creating runs on the field.

Tomorrow's rubber game features two aces; it's CC Sabathia against Johnny Cueto. With two aces going at it, runs will be at a premium for the Yankees and. They need to capitalize by getting timely hits instead of thinking about hitting 5-run home runs.

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