Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CC Falters to O's

The quick series is a split for the Yankees. CC pitched all right but the Yankees hardly did anything against the lefty Chen. The only runs the Yankees managed to scratch out was courtesy of Granderson via home run. The Yankees have been too reliant on the long ball this year and don't do well in games where they can't display their power.

What's even more important is that Robertson is on the DL with a strained oblique. This is another major blow to the already Rivera-less bullpen. Everyone's spot gets knocked up a notch because of Robertson's absence. Soriano gets the ninth inning and everyone else will enter games because of match-ups. Aside from Soriano, the Yankees bullpen is a coin flip to see who pitches in what inning. Nova felt better today before the game and is hopeful that he can make his next start against the Reds this weekend at the Stadium.

The offense has been sporadic for the Yankees. They are not moving runners or getting productive at-bats. They rely heavily on the home run which doesn't come easily against a good pitcher. The rotation is a major question mark already after CC. Now, the bullpen which has been so lights out, also faces questions that will be difficult to resolve unless Robertson comes back after 15 days. Gardner is still at least two weeks away before he makes his presence known in the lineup, leaving the continued platoon of Ibanez and Jones in the outfield. Gardner's absence proves how much value he holds to the Yankees. The lineup is not the same without him. The excitement of the possibility of the stolen base or bunt hit isn't there. Runs aren't getting manufactured via small ball. This is why the Yankees lineup has been sporadic this season. They need Gardner back in the lineup and Robertson back in the bullpen if they want to contend this year.

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