Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When it Rains it Pours

On a rain soaked evening in Denver, Colorado, all the Yankees were able to accomplish was four base hits (all singles). In the two situations where the Yankees had a runner in scoring position they were not able to come up with the big hit. All the Yankees needed to do was to go out and give Kuroda who has been their ace all season, at least one run to work with so he would not have to be so fine with his pitches. Granted, Kuroda was rolling through the Rockies lineup through the first six innings before he allowed the two run blast to CarGo. That home run was the difference in the game, and there is not much else to say about tonight's Yankees loss. Kuroda was fantastic, by only allowing two runs in seven innings but those two runs ended up costing the Yankees a victory tonight. I have to believe the Rockies pitching is not as good as the Yankees made them look tonight. Entering today's game the Rockies had a team ERA of 3.87 which is respectable but does not impress you.

After a game like tonight the Yankees will be ready to swing tomorrow and expect a high scoring game on the horizon when David Phelps and RHP Juan Nicasio toe the rubber. The Yankees will have a bad taste in their mouths and the Rockies offense is not impressive aside from Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki whenever he re-enters the lineup.

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