Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ibanez with a Reminder

Tonight, Raul Ibanez was the reason the Yankees didn't even try to score runs. In the first inning, Hughes allowed three first inning runs before Ibanez stepped to the plate. The former Yankee hero blasted a grand slam into the Yankees bullpen to put the Yankees in a very early 7-0 hole. Hughes would only last .2 innings, which is among the shortest Yankee starting pitching performances in almost a decade. Hughes is similar to what AJ Burnett was a couple of years ago. We all know that Hughes has the ability to throw seven strong innings every time out, but he stumbles at times and leaves the Yankees scratching their heads. Luckily for the Yankees, Hughes is a free agent after this year and they won't ever have to deal with his ups and downs again. He isn't worth to the Yankees what he would be worth to a team playing in a pitchers park.

There isn't much else to say about tonight's blowout loss at the hands of Raul Ibanez and the Mariners. However, both David Adams and Brett Marshall made their Major League debuts. Adams recorded one hit and Marshall pitched 5.2 innings, allowing five earned runs on ten hits. 

The Yankees will try to embarrass the Mariners the way the Mariners embarrassed the Yankees today in tomorrow night's finale at the Stadium. It will be Aaron Harang against lefty Andy Pettitte who pitched better in his last start against the Kansas City Royals. 

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