Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mets Sweep, Yanks Lose Fifth Straight

After facing the prospect of losing the series to the Mets going into yesterday, you would have thought that the Yankees would take that as motivation to take the series at home. However that was not the case, as they lose not only the series to the Mets, but get swept by them in four games. The Yankees have not been able to produce offensively over these last four games which has become their Achilles heel. They are not getting the clutch hits that they were getting early in the season, and their pitching isn't performing in harmony with their offense. Tonight, the Yankees only amassed four hits off Mets pitching. Cano had two of the hits with a single in the first and a home run in the third. Dillon Gee came into tonight's game with an ERA approaching seven! Even that was not enough for the Yankees to come out of their offensive woes. For the Yankees to get swept by the Mets in four games is not only embarrassing, but it puts the future in doubt as they get ready to face the surging Red Sox for a weekend set beginning tomorrow evening.

The Yankees starting pitching in the Mets series was worthy of capturing wins, but with the offense in the slump that it is currently experiencing, the starting pitchers giving up even two runs in a game is too much. Vidal Nuno pitched a good ball game tonight, as he allowed only two runs in six solid innings on a two-run home run to Marlon Byrd. The third Mets run came in the eighth inning on a swinging bunt by John Buck that scored the runner from third as David Adams let the ball roll in fair territory, hoping it would go foul. He wouldn't  have a chance to get the hustling Buck anyhow as he was playing back and the ball was a slow roller down the line. 

Not to fear Yankees fans, as reinforcements are on their way tomorrow night. The current team as it stands is not getting the job done anymore. The Yankees getting Teixeira and Youkilis back in time for the Boston series may be what the doctor prescribed. The games won't get any easier though, as the Sox send a thriving Jon Lester to the mound against a struggling CC Sabathia. The Yankees will only go as far as Sabathia will take them. The upcoming series is huge for the Yankees, who are desperately looking for a win. It's been a while to say the least. 

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