Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mets Stun the Yankees

Even the greatest closer of all time has his bad moments, and tonight was certainly one of them. The Great Mariano Rivera blew a save facing the heart of the Mets lineup, but quite frankly it doesn't matter. Mo was going to blow a save at some point in the year, and that time happened to come at a moment in which everything is magnified because of the aura of the Subway Series. To put it in laymen's terms,sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut. Tonight's win was not indicative of anything for the Mets. They are still an awful team and that was on display for the first eight innings of this game. They made terrible defensive miss cues, letting down their ace pitcher and could not get a big hit against Hiroki Kuroda to save their lives, or for that matter their season. With the win tonight the Mets sweep the Yankees out of Citi field and move to nine games below the .500 mark. Their season is not going anywhere as their holes are too glaring and they do not have the players they need that will make a difference in their season. Matt Harvey and David Wright are great center pieces but the Mets don't have another representative player on their entire 25 man roster. As for Mariano, cue the "he's getting old" remarks by casual fans. He will come out his funk by the time he makes his next appearance and he will get the job done, making all the nay-sayers look like fools.

As for the Yankees, this game did a lot to show what they are lacking. Hiroki Kuroda pitched his heart out, going seven strong innings and not allowing any runs to the Mets. However, the offense for the Yankees needs a spark. Over the last week the Yankees have had a hard time scoring runs. Tonight all they could muster was one run, mind you that they faced the best pitcher in the National League. Brett Gardner and Lyle Overbay can't do it by themselves. There needs to be a flow present in the Yankees lineup. The main player who is going through an awful slump right now is Robinson Cano, who also made an error tonight on a ground ball by Ruben Tejada. Cano's batting average is about to hit the .270's range and for Cano that is uncharted territory. In order for the Yankees lineup to remain a threat, Cano needs to step it up as the best offensive player on the Yankees. The Yankees could not have sustained their play all year with their current roster, and there are reinforcements on their way back to the lineup as Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira could both be back on Friday against the Red Sox. The pair of injured players couldn't have been coming back at a better time as the Yankees offense is scuffling and is desperately looking for answers.

The best the Yankees will hope to do is to sweep the Mets at Yankee Stadium over the next two days. Jeremy Hefner is going for the Mets. Hefner has been dreadful this year, owning an 0-5 record and an ERA of almost 5. David Phelps will make the start after his next appearance being in doubt because of a bruised arm that he suffered last week on a line drive in Tampa Bay. Phelps was pitching into the eighth inning in his last start, something he has not yet done in his Major League career, and will hope to pitch must like he did last week, tomorrow night against the Mets.

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