Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teixeira Gives Yankees Permanent Lead

Phil Hughes did just as I had expected him to do on my video blog Friday afternoon. he went 6.1 innings and allowed two runs on six hits and two walks. His pitch count was his enemy tonight. The Mets at bats were long and drawn out. At one point, Hughes was fighting hitters with 8-11 pitch at bats. Hughes inability to put hitters away is what is missing from his repertoire. He has the stuff. He has an above average fastball at times and his hook is devastating. If he were able to put hitters away efficiently, we wouldn't have any questions about his ability to be a starter.

Just as I was saying that Teixeira can't get a big hit if his life depended on it, he hits a go-ahead two-run home run in the sixth to give the Yankees the lead for good. The offense was sparse tonight, which is to be expected after scoring nine runs last night. Alex Rodriguez still confuses you because of his warning track power. He hits a home run or two every two weeks and then his power turns into warning track power, which was on display tonight. The Yankees continue to be home run dependent and have yet to win a game in which they score in other ways than the one mentioned.

The bullpen was terrific behind Hughes. Wade got out of a huge jam in the eighth inning and Soriano flirted with the go-ahead run in the ninth before he nailed down his ninth save of the season. Tomorrow is a battle of southpaws as Andy Pettitte faces Jonathan Niese in an effort to sweep part one of the series against the Mets.

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