Thursday, June 28, 2012

Questionable Managerial Moves cause Loss

The Yankees were in position to win tonight's game. Nova pitched a gem and the Yankees were up by two runs when they entered the ninth inning. Instead of using Robertson, Girardi kept Cody Eppley in the game who gave up a single to Alex Rios. Clay Rapada was called upon. He got a double play ball him to him but threw the ball into center field to make it first and third with nobody out. Girardi then called on Robertson to work his Houdini magic but no such luck tonight. The first hitter that Robertson faced belted a three-run home run to left field. After that batter, Robertson retired the next three hitters.

What was Girardi thinking? If he was going to Robertson to finish the game anyway, why not give him a clean inning to work with? I usually can't fault Girardi's use of the bullpen but tonight was just a classic example of why over-managing blows up in your face. Now, instead of Nova winning 10 games and the Yankees having a six game winning streak, they have lost the game when Baltimore and Toronto were losing. With the losses of CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte, they need to gain as many games in the standings as they can so when they reach a cold streak, it does not affect them as badly.

I won't pin this loss on Girardi completely. Clay Rapada should have had a double play on the ball that was grounded to him. Robertson giving up the three-run bomb was a result of Rapada's inability to make a simple play. The Yankees will look to rebound tomorrow night as Adam Warren makes his first career start. He will face lefty Quintana who has never faced the Yankees.

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