Friday, June 8, 2012

Lightning Rod Falls Short Yet Again

On a night that started with a 20 minute rain delay, the Yankee bats went silent in key spots. Alex Rodriguez is always the scapegoat for Yankee losses but tonight he truly deserved the blame. He made a fatal error in the field and came up in a big spot, only to strike out. CC Sabathia gave up too many hits to a weak Rays lineup and didn't back up his defense when they made errors. If not for A-Rod's error in the field, CC would have gone seven innings allowing only 3 runs, which is a quality start. The Yankee bats had no shot at coming back from a 4 run deficit. They are too home run happy. They can't play station to station baseball like the Rays did tonight. The Rays hitters didn't hit one ball out of the park tonight but still managed to score seven runs! The Yankees scored 3 runs and one of them came via the long ball. A-Rod's sub par start to the season raises questions that will not be answered in a game where he goes 3-4 with two home runs. His problem more than any other Yankee is hitting with men on base. Cano, who has been terrible with the bases loaded grounded out to second base tonight.

The only lightning bolt that showed up to the Stadium tonight was before the game when the rain was coming down hard with one loud rumble of thunder. It was a disappointing loss as they all are, but I still had fun at the game with friends. The Yankees look to get back on the winning track tomorrow when Hiroki Kuroda faces off against Johan Santana, fresh off a no-hitter against the Cardinals. The Mets have had a lot of success against Kuroda, so getting through the first inning tomorrow will be key for the right-hander.

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