Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bad Day in the Bronx Despite Win

It all started in the morning. The game hadn't even been played yet. CC Sabathia would miss two starts because of a adductor strain. That was a manageable timetable for a team whose pitching was immaculate in the month of June. They would be able to overcome no Sabathia for two starts. Adam Warren was called up to start in CC's place and Freddy Garcia would be starting Friday's game against the White Sox. However, when the game started things would quickly change.

Andy Pettitte was cruising through the Indians lineup. He had given up one unearned run on an Alex Rodriguez error and had the lead going into the fifth inning. The first batter he faced, Casey Kotchman lined a ball off Pettitte's ankle and Pettitte was down. The trainer and Girardi came out. Pettitte threw a couple of warm-ups with hesitation. He was hurt. Girardi let him go because Andy is a bulldog. One pitch later, Andy Pettitte was out of the game and two hours later it was determined that he had a fractured ankle and would miss six weeks. No surgery is required so that is a good sign for the Yankees if you could call it that. Pettitte has been the Yankees second horse behind Sabathia. He was pitching better than he ever had pitched in his career and the Yankee rotation was thriving. With Pettitte out until August and CC Sabathia missing his next two starts the Yankees have some work to do to replace their aces in the rotation.

Suddenly, a starting rotation of Kuroda, Hughes, Nova, Garcia and Adam Warren doesn't strike fear for opposing teams. The five men will have to do without the aces of the staff. Garcia has been showing good signs as a reliever and Adam Warren is a strike thrower, but how long will the men get the job done? Warren is making his debut on Friday because Garcia pitched in relief today. I will be at the game Friday against the White Sox, and will witness a Yankee starting pitcher debut. I was high on Warren before the season started. He showed that he can get big-league hitters out in his spring training start against the Red Sox. I have hope in Warren. He is someone who the Yankees may be counting on in the future if he makes his presence known now.

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