Friday, June 22, 2012

The Chicken Man Brings Home Dinner Tonight

After Frank Francisco made remarks about the Yankees being "chickens", he faced a ton of criticism. The situation arose where he was needed to save a game against the Chickens. After facing some trouble, he managed to wiggle his way out of trouble against Granderson and Teixeira to end the game. His dumb remarks are backed up for today, but look for the Yankees to come out swinging tomorrow against Chris Young. After a night where they had a chance to come back to win the game, they will have something to prove tomorrow night.

The real reason the Yankees lost tonight was because Andy Pettitte gave up five runs in the first inning. There was a 53 minute rain delay and the lefty has had trouble in his career after delayed starts. After the first inning, he shut down the offense and went six innings. The Yankee offense kept getting runs but they didn't amount to anything important as they managed to lose to Niese and the Mets. Once again, they got runners on but came up empty aside from Cano in the eighth inning when he lifted a two-run blasr against Miguel Batista to lower the Yankee deficit to two runs.

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