Sunday, September 8, 2013

Yankees Lose another Slugfest

David Huff pitched in place of Phil Hughes. I don't think he got the memo that he wasn't supposed to pitch LIKE Hughes. Huff went only 3 1/3 innings allowing nine earned runs on two home runs. He got in trouble early and often and buried the Yankees in a hole they were essentially unable to climb out of. The Yankees would stage a rally in the latter innings of the game but they fell short in the 13-9 contest against the lethal Red Sox. The Red Sox are scoring an outrageous amount of runs right now led by Mike Napoli who hit two more homers off Yankee pitching in this afternoon's game. The Yankees need to walk Napoli in the series finale tomorrow if they have any chance of salvaging at least one of the games at home against their rivals. With all this losing by the Yankees, they are not helping their postseason chances. Luckily for the Yankees the Rays keep losing out west and they aren't as buried in the standings. However, the Orioles are coming back and surpassed the Yankees in the standings last night. That isn't as much of a hassle because the Yankees are entering Camden Yards for a four game set starting Monday night when CC Sabathia will try to repeat his performance against the White Sox on Wednesday.

Tomorrow afternoon in the final game the Yankees and Red Sox play at Yankee Stadium in the regular season aces Hiroki Kuroda and Jon Lester will go face-to-face in a pitchers duel at Yankee Stadium. Judging by the number of runs scored by both teams in this series I expect both starters to keep the opposing team off the board and to make this a real 3-2 classic as opposed to a 13-9 like we had in the last game on Saturday afternoon.

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