Saturday, September 14, 2013

Red Sox Chip away at CC

Again, this year will be one that CC Sabathia will try to not remember. He knows that he is pitching badly and is doing his best to make adjustments but they just aren't working this year. I'm not even sure if he gives his team a chance to win anymore. Running him out there every fifth day is not scaring other teams. However, there are games where Sabathia looks like somewhat of his old self. Today against the Boston batters he went six innings allowing five earned runs which was more than enough for the Red Sox to come away victorious. The Yankees only scored CC one run in support which will not win your team a game nine times out of ten. Sabathia walked too many again, handing out four free passes to the Red Sox. Walking Boston batters is sure to get you in trouble because their offense knows how to put the bat on the ball and won't strike out in big spots. Red Sox batters worked six walks against Yankee pitching, with Joba Chamberlain handing out the final walk in mop-up duty.

The Yankees have a lot of work to do if they want to contend in this race. I said in the beginning of the series that the Yankees need to win one game to stay in the race. If they lose tomorrow too, it may be too late for them to get back in this with two weeks left in the season. Tomorrow night the Yankees play the Red Sox on ESPN which means it will be a late start. Ivan Nova will get the start for the Yankees. Clay Buccholz will start for the Red Sox. This will be Clay's second start since coming off the DL. In his first start he pitched five scoreless to earn the win against the Rays in Tampa Bay.

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