Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yankees Almost Mathematically Eliminated

The offense didn't show up at all tonight after a day off yesterday. The Yankees hitting doldrums extend from Sunday's Mariano Rivera game where they could not score with runners on second and third with no men out in the eighth inning to at least tie the game. Thankfully for the offense tonight, Kuroda put them in an early 3-0 hole in the first inning and the bats couldn't wake up despite Matt Moore wanting to give the Yankees a win. Moore walked six batters in five innings of work and allowed three base hits. Overall Moore allowed ten base runners to reach and the Yankees still could not score! Talk about giving up on the season. Granted, the Yankees suffered an off day yesterday which probably sucked the life out of them. These guys are professionals. They can't be making excuses for them not hitting. There are players on this team making more than all of the Houston Astros combined who are not hitting right now. Imagine how well the Astros would be playing if they were allowed to spend the money owed to Alex Rodriguez this year. They would be one game out of a wildcard position. Alright, maybe I am getting a bit carried away, but you get the picture. These professional ball players are getting shut down by average pitchers and look pathetic in their attempts to swing the bats.

These players are an embarrassment to the Yankees organization, who too will have their work cut out for them after Sunday's season finale against Houston. No longer can the Yankees rely on having Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte as being "sure things" in the off-season. The Yankees need to build from within and if the organization is committed to staying under the $189 million next year, you will see that it will be a rebuilding period for the Yankees as their farm depth in the higher levels is not Major League ready. Most of their talent is down in Tampa and in Trenton playing for the Double-A affiliate. If the Yankees plan to stay under the magic "189" it will be an unusually empty Yankee Stadium in 2014 and beyond. You can't build a team around a 40 year old shortstop and an aging group of outfielders well beyond their prime.

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