Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yankees Edge the Twins

It's something about playing the Twins for the Yankees that brings out the best in them. CC Sabathia dominated the Twins over seven innings and the Yankees offense was able to score just enough runs to come out on top. What you should take away from this game are two things. First, the fact that Robinson Cano has become Robinson Cano again. In June, Cano had one of the worst offensive months in his career but in July Cano has flipped the page and has been on a tear that began in the last game of the series against the Orioles in Baltimore. Robinson Cano collected two more hits tonight in three at bats. One of the hits was a two-run double that scored two runs in the sixth inning. Cano's batting average has gone from the .270's all the way up to .299 in a matter of two weeks. Cano's ability to bounce back from slumps amazes me because he could look so hopeless at the plate that you think he will never turn it around. He chases bad pitches out of the zone and takes weak swings at some breaking pitches. Cano also has a tendency to get into bad habits when he swings through high fastballs. Recently though, Robinson has cleared up whatever was going on in his mind and is just hitting. Also, Cano has been walking a lot more because he realizes that opposing pitchers don't want to give him anything good to hit because of the weak hitters protecting him.

The other nugget you take from this game was Sabathia's ability to bounce back from his sub-par start against the Orioles where he blew a three run lead capped off by a Nate McClouth home run late in the game. Tonight in seven innings, Sabathia struck out nine batters and gave up two runs. That is an ace-type start from a guy who has not been having an ace year overall. Also, this win was a huge milestone for CC Sabathia because it was win number 200 in his illustrious career. Through his years with the Indians to a brief stint with the Brewers and coming to the Yankees afterwards, Sabathia has been through a lot and it has been a privilege for the Yankees to call CC their ace. Without an ace the opposing lineup has nothing to fear but with Sabathia on the mound every fifth day, the opposition is a little more tense when they know they are facing the big lefty ace on the Yankees. Following Sabathia's start, Mariano Rivera came into the game to collect his 28th save of his final season. Rivera is pitching like he is 23 years old despite playing in his age 43 season.

The Yankees will try for the sweep tomorrow afternoon and they will send David Phelps to the mound. Phelps was shelled by the Orioles on Saturday night as he gave up nine runs in only a couple of innings of work. Hopefully tomorrow Phelps will have something better to attack the Twins with. The Yankees need a good start from Phelps considering Michael Pineda is knocking on the doors.

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