Thursday, July 25, 2013

BREAKING: Yankees close to acquiring Soriano

This has been floating around the media for the past couple of days but the trade is getting closer. The Yankees are on the verge of acquiring Alfonso Soriano from the Chicago Cubs. Soriano is getting paid through next season to play for the Chicago Cubs and his contract is what has been holding this process up. Soriano is due about $25 million through next season and the Yankees don't want to have to pay a majority of the contract. What is a likely situation for the Yankees is that they will pay him $5-$8 million for the remaining time left on his contract and will probably pay the majority this year to avoid the luxury tax that goes into effect next season. The salary situation is similar to what held the Yankees from acquiring Vernon Wells from the Angels. In the end the Yankees settled on a deal with the Angels that would have the majority of Wells' contract paid to him this year.

The Yankees are in desperate need of a right handed power hitter. Soriano has provided that for the Cubs, even at the age of 37. Soriano has 17 home runs this year to go along with a .254 batting average, however it would still be an upgrade over what the Yankees have in their lineup right now. The last right handed hitter on the Yankees to homer was Jayson Nix on June 25th-- over a month ago. Soriano has an .806 OPS vs. left handed pitchers this year as opposed to the Yankees .564, which is the lowest for RH's against LHP's since the 1947 Washington Senators. Soriano has an .860 OPS in his career against left handed pitchers.

This is only a quick fix to the Yankees needs but it will have to get the job done as the stretch run is here and the Yankees don't seem to know what will happen with Alex Rodriguez this year. Overall, this could be a great deal for both parties involved. Soriano is a hard worker and is well-liked in the clubhouse. A reunion with the Yankees could bring a spark back into his game. In addition, he is much improved in left field and is a capable option for the Yankees. However, the Yankees see him as more of a designated hitter.

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