Saturday, July 27, 2013

CC"s Struggles Continue

Tonight was the third time this season that Sabathia pitched poorly against the Rays lineup. There aren't many guys in there who intimidate you. Longoria is really the only big hitter in the lineup but they are still finding ways to score ten runs per game and are winning at an incredible pace. Sabathia didn't last long in the game by his standards, going only five innings and giving up seven earned runs in the process. The first inning came and went easily for Sabathia but the second inning really hurt the lefty as he gave up a 6-spot to the Rays and the Yankees were never really given a chance to fight back because of the overwhelming deficit. The lefty's record has now gone to .500 (9-9). Sabathia's ERA is also climbing, approaching the five mark which is something that is uncharted territory for the lefty. Unlike Pettitte, Sabathia is transitioning into a finesse pitcher who relies on changing speed and locating better on his pitches. He can no longer blow batters away with a 96 MPH fastball. His fastball sits at around 90 MPH and he has to learn to locate if he wants to be successful in he remainder of his contract with the Yankees. The team needs him to return to his old self because the Sabathia pitching for the Yankees this year is nothing near what he has done for them in four years prior to this disastrous one. If you asked Sabathia, he would probably tell you that this is the most frustrated he's ever been in his career.

Rafael Soriano's reunion with the Yankees didn't begin as nicely as he would have liked it to. As the left fielder, Soriano went 0-5 but drove in a run and scored a run. The Yankees need Soriano to make things happen in that barren lineup that Girardi is sending out every night. The Yankees showed you something tonight as they were able to chip away in the latter innings to make Joe Maddon use his closer. Even though Rodney was only used for one out Maddon will think twice before pitching him tomorrow and on Sunday. Girardi took Cano out of the game after his third at-bat and David Adams did well as his replacement, going 2-2 with two RBI. The Yankees will take offense from anyone who is willing to provide it. Travis Hafner continues his struggles. His average now stands at .205 and the Yankees are getting closer to parting ways with the designated hitter. After acquiring Soriano from the Cubs, the Yankees don't have a real need for a left-handed DH. The majority of at bats at the designated hitter position will be used by Soriano, Jeter and Alex Rodriguez if he returns.

Chris Archer and Ivan Nova will square off tomorrow afternoon in the Bronx for a matinee. The Yankee bats need to back Nova who has pitched very well since coming off the disabled list. Archer has pitched great since his promotion after a rough start.

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