Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All These Runs!

The Yankees probably didn't know what to do with all the runs they scored tonight. None of that really matters though. What matters is that the Yankees have snapped their five game skid and move back to four games over .500. Their work isn't done though, as the offense needs to show that it is capable of putting on this kind of display daily. That of course, won't happen but what can happen is what the Yankees had in the eighth inning where they were down by one run and rallied to take a commanding lead over the Twins. The Yankees have owned the Twins in recent years and even with this new group of guys they still know how to do it. The ten runs were scored because of the Twins bad defense and pitching but nevertheless the runs count the same as they would if they were scored by home runs and doubles. Robinson Cano had a rebirth of sorts by hitting two home runs and a double to help propel the Yankees past Minnesota. Everyone in the lineup was able to contribute tonight, whether it be by a walk, double or even a clutch single to score the go-ahead run. The offense tonight reminded me of what the Yankees were capable of putting together in April and in early May when players like Travis Hafner and Vernon Wells were smacking the cover off the ball, except tonight the entire lineup contributed to the eventual blowout win.

The Yankee victory also included a little but of history as Andy Pettitte become the Yankees all-time strikeout leader by striking out Justin Morneau in the fifth inning. Pettitte ruined a chance at earning a win when he threw a ground ball away in the first inning. The error led to two runs coming around to score which tied the game at three before Chris Parmelee hit a go-ahead home run off Pettitte to begin the sixth inning. Andy Pettitte was removed from the game following the home run and was replaced by the Yankees relievers who were impressive tonight. None of the four pitchers out of the bullpen allowed any runs. They were able to get outs when they were in trouble, making the Twins batters look like the Yankees offense on a nightly basis. Andy Pettitte has not been sharp in June. Following his great start against the Mariners, Pettitte has gone 0-3 in four starts. The Yankee offense was able to bail him out tonight after he threw away a golden opportunity to make an out at first base in the first inning which led to runners scoring, giving Minnesota a lead that they would hold until after Pettitte's departure from the game.

The inconsistent Phil Hughes will be on the mound tomorrow night as he hopes to earn only his fourth win on the season. He has a 4.82 ERA, which won't win your team many games every fifth day. Also, the Yankees not being able to score runs for Hughes factors into his win-loss record. Samuel Deduno will face the Yankees for the second time in his young career. In a start versus the Yankees last September, the Yankees beat him up and won the game.

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