Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yankees Get Routed in A-Rod's Return

As there was no offense, all the Yankees could do tonight was to watch the horrible White Sox walk all over them. Andy Pettitte was awful, again, as he allowed seven earned runs on ELEVEN hits in only 2.2 innings. When you put the line in perspective it is mind blowing that Pettitte allowed twelve baserunners reach base in under three innings. Most of them scored, as Andy was touched up for seven runs. From the very beginning you could tell that Andy Pettitte wasn't going to be sharp and it was going to be a night for the bullpen. The bullpen has to record the final sixteen outs of the game and they did so rather well as the only reliever to allow a run was Shawn Kelley who pitched two innings in relief. Joba Chamberlain actually turned in a scoreless inning of his own which is something he has not been doing in recent weeks. His ERA is inflated to almost 5 but today was a step in the right direction for Chamberlain, free agent to-be...

As for the circus that is called Alex Rodriguez, he didn't disappoint. Rodriguez held a press conference to which he did not discuss PED use but instead attempted to get philosophical with the writers which everyone knew was fake and insincere. Alex Rodriguez is a walking, breathing pathological liar who creates conspiracy theories nobody understands but himself. A-Rod again left the door wide open during the conference when he stated that he would save any possible PED talk for another day which means he knows what his ultimate fate will be but is not willing to share it with the media presently. Instead, he is feeding the media with gossip garbage that is sickening. He is a slap in the face to the game of baseball and all the legends who have come before him. What he did during the game is irrelevant because game he plays, every time he steps into the on-deck circle, every at-bat and every pitch will be under intense scrutiny. For A-Rod all of the attention is nothing new. Despite his efforts to take the spotlight off of him he finds ways, maybe accidentally, to have the focus on himself. He will play this series, and will begin his suspension before Friday's game. However since he is appealing it is very possible that he will finish the season with the Yankees, who don't seem destined to make it to the postseason. To make matters worse for the Yankees, they placed Derek Jeter on the disabled list for the third time this season. This time Jeter suffered a strained calf but expects to be in the lineup after his fifteen days are up.

Yankees ace Hiroki Kuroda will pitch against this very Chicago lineup tomorrow night. A tough lefty in Chris Sale will face off against the Yankees who can't get hits off lefties, as evidenced by tonight's game against Jose Quintana who brought home the win for the Sox.

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