Sunday, August 18, 2013

No Offensive (or Defensive) Support

The Yankees let Kuroda down in every which way possible today in a must win game against the Yankees division rivals. Kuroda was struggling, and it was evident from the first pitch of the game. He was allowing a lot of base hits, including doubles. The defense didn't come to Kuroda's rescue in the third inning when he needed to record two more outs with runners on the corners. Lyle Overbay made a mistake by not throwing a ground ball home to get the slow Ortiz. Instead, he attempted a double play and the play didn't go as planned for the platoon first baseman. From that point on the floodgates opened for the Red Sox as they went on to score five runs off Kuroda in just under six innings of work. Only three of the runs were earned which is good, but when your offense scores one total run in a game for you, you know that you will probably lose the game regardless. The Yankees need to start building runs. They are getting base runners but have trouble getting anymore hits after the runners reach base. It's actually very comical; the rate in which the Yankees strand base runners. And of course, no Red Sox win over the Yankees would be complete without David Ortiz going yard. The designated hitter is way past his prime and is still hitting like he's 29. I don't know how the testing works but Big Papi needs to get re-tested because something doesn't quite seem right to me about his production in correlation to his age.

The Yankees have a crucial game tomorrow night that will be started by CC Sabathia. Ryan Dempster will go for the Red Sox as this will be a rematch between pitchers who faced each other the last time the Yankees played a Sunday night game in Boston. In order to succeed tomorrow, the Yankees need to get to Dempster like they have in each of the games he has started against them in recent memory.

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