Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hughes Struggles in Loss

Once again, Phil Hughes gave the Yankees an underwhelming performance by failing to make it through three innings against a Padres offense that couldn't hit their way out of a cardboard box on most days. I went into the day looking forward to Phil Hughes possibly auditioning for his future team, the San Diego Padres. However, Hughes showed the Yankees and Padres alike, that he was not ready to pitch well under pressure, even in San Diego where they haven't seen quality baseball in years. Hughes is such an enigma for the Yankees, an enigma that resembles AJ Burnett circa 2010 and 2011. It's time the Yankees get rid of Hughes. Since they didn't deal him at the trade deadline it is likely that they will tender him a qualifying offer at seasons end to which he will probably say no to. In the slim chance that Hughes accepts, it will be good for his career in the long run if he can rattle off a great season with the Yankees in 2014. If he accepts, the Yankees get another year of questions surrounding Hughes but at the same time will be thrilled to have one spot in the rotation figured out.

The offense scored as many runs as they did last night but since Hughes allowed five runs in 2.2 innings, the Yankees had trouble catching up to the Padres who ended up scoring six runs total. Curtis Granderson delivered again with an RBI single in the sixth inning followed by an RBI single by Lyle Overbay. The Yankees capped their scoring for the day with Austin Romine's first big league homer! The young catcher has finally gotten another monkey off his back and has filled another important column in his career statistics. Romine has been hitting well in limited starts for the Yankees since the start of July. He added to those numbers today with two more hits, one of which was his first Major League home run. 

The Yankees will enter Chicago tomorrow night for a three game set against the White Sox. The bigger story will be Alex Rodriguez whose suspension is rumored to be announced tomorrow afternoon by Major League Baseball. If Selig rules that this is a straight PED suspension, A-Rod can appeal and play until his appeal is heard and ruled upon. 

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