Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Silent Bats

This is becoming a depressing theme for the Yankees. In yesterday's game the Yankees managed to score in only one inning on a Cano home run. Tonight, their scoring comes in the fourth inning with two outs and the bases loaded. David Adams singled in two runs which came as a surprise considering how much he's struggled lately. Regardless, Adams did his job which is more than the rest of the hitters on the Yankees were able to say. The Yankees had their opportunity to tie the game in the eighth inning when they were down 4-2. The reliever for the Angels allowed a consecutive single and a walk. Cano then followed by popping out on a 3-1 count then the remaining Yankees went down without a fight as the Angels were able to maintain their lead, which would grow to 5-2 by the time the game ended. The offense for the Yankees is not doing it at all, and a litmus test came in tonight's game as the Yankees lost to an Angels team which has been awful this year. The Angels have not been hitting and their pitching has been that much worse. Coming into tonight's game CJ Wilson hadn't won a game since the beginning of May and besides the fourth inning the Yankees managed to make Wilson look like Randy Johnson. In their last 72 innings, the Yankees have scored 22 runs which is pathetic and won't win your team many games. To put it in even more perspective, the Yankees offense has scored two runs in their last 26 innings.

Andy Pettitte was great for the Yankees tonight despite getting the loss. He gave up two runs and in the seventh inning a missed catch on a pop up came to score after Pettitte allowed a couple of hits to the following batters. Pettitte had a lead after the Yankees scored him two runs but gave it up. The problem with the pitching is that they aren't getting runs to work with so if they give up three runs there is a good chance that they will lose the game, which is the fate Pettitte suffered tonight against the struggling Halos.

CC Sabathia will try to stop the bleeding tomorrow evening as he faces Jered Weaver who recently came off the disabled list for the Angels. The Yankees quest for runs will get interesting tomorrow night as they go against a legitimate ace in Weaver. Sabathia has to keep the Angels off the scoreboard and give his team a chance to score him some runs.

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