Monday, June 3, 2013

Rain Shortened Loss

In a game that featured three rain delays, a 400 foot bat flip and a lot of hype the Yankees end up being on the bad end of a rain shortened loss. The game was to feature Hiroki Kuroda and Clay Buccholz who carry around among the lowest ERA's in the American League. The game got off to a promising start for Hiroki Kuroda, but ended in Kuroda carrying a tough luck 3-0 loss after exiting following the second rain delay after 5.1 innings. Before the rain began to fall, Kuroda allowed a long home run to David Ortiz where Big Papi flipped his bat Valdespin style. Again, Ortiz is known for his bat flips following a long home run, especially against the Yankees. He repeatedly does it because the Yankees almost never retaliate. In fact, the only ever HBP for Ortiz against the Yankees came two years ago after he flipped a bat two miles away. CC Sabathia was he Yankee pitcher who would come after Ortiz with a hit by pitch. If anyone, I would choose Sabathia for the job because of his size.
That was just rain delay banter and considering the game lasted less than six innings, I needed to fill the blog with something. Just thought that the above would be an interesting read about Ortiz and his bat flips versus the Yankees.

Clay Buccholz was brilliant for the Red Sox tonight, as he allowed only one hit to a Yankee that came from Ichiro on an infield hit to Dustin Pedroia. Aside from the infield hit and a walk, Buccholz was cruising through the lineup. After the second rain delay Buccholz would not be coming out to pitch the bottom of the sixth inning, so the Yankees thought they would be able to catch a break. However, four minutes after the second rain delay, Loud thunder and huge raindrops came coming down and the game would eventually be called, meaning the Red Sox get a gift victory by not having their starting pitcher go deep into the game and still earn a complete game shutout.

The Yankees are really tumbling into the wrong direction in the standings as they fall back to three games behind the Red Sox and are now a half game back of the surging Orioles for third place in the division. They need to go on a streak where they can put themselves into a comfortable position in the standings before the stretch run begins.

The Cleveland Indians are coming to town for three games beginning tomorrow evening. The pitching matchup will feature Justin Masterson for the Tribe, and Andy Pettitte will be making his first start since coming off the disabled list. The Indians have been playing well, so this will not get easier for the Yankees unless Cano and Teixeira come around.

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