Saturday, June 8, 2013

"A good day for the Pettitte's"

... is what was said by Andy's son, Josh Pettitte after learning that he was drafted by Yankees on the same day his father won his 250th career game. That is a pretty neat occurrence and coincidence. Although Josh Pettitte still plans to attend Baylor and will pitch there, he was ecstatic that he was drafted by the same team his father was drafted by over twenty years ago.
In his pursuit to win number 250, Andy Pettitte pitched a gem, going into the eighth inning and allowing just one earned run that came after Jayson Nix couldn't turn a double play in the fourth inning, which allowed the lone Mariners run to score on a sac fly with one out. Pettitte's performance was vintage Andy as he gave the Yankees length and quality pitching. He wasn't too bad for the oldest starting pitcher in baseball...

Unlike yesterday, the Yankees were able to score just enough runs to give themselves a comfortable lead. Two of the three runs were driven in by Jayson Nix, and the other was driven in by Robinson Cano in the first inning after a Teixeira double with two outs. The Yankees still left men on base today but that will be overlooked because they were able to get the win by scoring three runs. Winning today's game puts the Yankees in a good position for the series at Seattle. With Felix Hernandez pitching tomorrow, the Yankees are faced with a  challenge   but certainly one they can and have been able to overcome once this year already. If they don't win tomorrow's game they were still able to split a four game series on the west coast which should not be overlooked. 

As already mentioned, King Felix will pitch for the Mariners tomorrow and David Phelps will get the start for the New York Yankees. Phelps has been pitching well of late, so I have confidence in the young righty tomorrow as he faces a tough opposing starting pitcher.   

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