Monday, March 4, 2013

Yankees News and Notes

Many interesting developments unfolded in Yankees camp through the weekend leading into today. Last week, Joba Chamberlain did not make himself any friends in the Yankees front office by saying that he still considers himself a starting pitcher. Going into his final year with the Yankees, Chamberlain is looking for a long term contract, and would like to become a starter again. His body of work as a starter with the Yankees is less than impressive. I still see teams paying for him to be a closer or a set-up man for a dominant closer.

Ichiro Suzuki was involved in a two-car collision on Saturday following the Yankees' 10-3 victory over the Detroit Tigers. Ichiro is not hurt, which comes as a sigh of relief to management and fans alike.

Granderson's injury has basically scrapped Girardi's decision to put Gardner in center field while having Granderson switch to left field. Granderson's injury is forcing him to miss two months. That time would have been perfect for him to learn the new position. The Yankees are now thinking that they don't want the slugger to change positions mid-season because of the possibility of the change affecting his bat.

A new injury development, and not from any of the players. Brian Cashman went sky-diving this morning to benefit the Wounder Warriors Project. Cashman heard a pop in his leg, which later turned out to be a broken leg and dislocated ankle. He will have surgery soon, and will be walking on crutches for the near future. That puts him out of the left field conversation, for sure.

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