Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mark Teixeira out of WBC

Yesterday, Mark Teixeira was hitting balls off a tee for the USA team, which he was originally representing in the World Baseball Classic. He was shut down after experiencing discomfort and a "pop" in his right wrist. Teixeira was sent to New York this morning to visit with a wrist specialist in the city. The USA team will miss Teixeira's presence in the lineup, as he was their only true everyday first baseman. Since the injury, America has added Kansas City's first baseman Eric Hosmer to the roster to replace the injured Teixeira.

The news of Teixeira comes as an even bigger scare for the Yankees who have suffered a stockpile of injuries already in camp. If the diagnosis on Teixeira is not good, the Yankees will have to move Youkilis to first base to begin the season, and most likely have a platoon of Eduardo Nunez and Jayson Nix at third base. However, this is not a scenario that the Yankees would welcome. Having already lost over 100 home runs from their lineup, the Yankees can not afford to lose another 35 if Teixeira's wrist injury turns out to be serious. Brian Cashman said openly that he is concerned because wrists can be tricky. If Teixeira suffers a long term injury because of this, the Yankees will be dead in the water. The will be missing their everyday first baseman, third baseman and center fielder. In addition, they don't have a clear starting catcher at this point in Spring Training camp.

The Yankees will be in a lot of trouble if Teixeira's injury is more than they expected, so get ready for the worst, Yankee fans. I'll certainly be hoping for the best. The injury bug has been with the Yankees for two years in a row, and this time before the season even starts.

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