Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vernon Wells Traded to Yankees

The Yankees and Angels are ironing out a trade in which outfielder Vernon Wells would find himself in pinstripes. The only major hurdle that is keeping the deal from being official is financial. Wells is owed $42 million for the next two seasons, equating to $21 million per year. The Yankees are only willing to pay a fraction of his salary. The Angels are content with the deal in part because they do not have room for Wells in a crowded outfield which includes the likes of Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton and Peter Bourjos.

The Yankees have been desperately seeking a formidable bat in the middle of their order that would fill a temporary void for the injured Curtis Granderson. After Granderson's return the Yankees would platoon Gardner and Wells in left field, being that Wells is a right handed bat that the Yankees have been lacking in the outfield over the last couple of seasons. If Wells hits in 2013, the Yankees can use him in his final season in 2014. starting Brett Gardner in center field and moving Wells to left field for his final season playing in the Major Leagues. Wells has verbally approved a trade to the Yankees. The outfielder showed excitement when asked whether he would accept the trade.

While Wells' best years are behind him, he can still provide the Yankees with a strong force in the middle of their order for the next two seasons. With all the home runs the Yankees are missing from their lineup, Wells' presence gives the Yankees a more legitimate look in the power department.

The Yankees will be responsible for about $13 million of the contract and will pay it all this season so the $6.5 million owed to Wells next year does not interfere with $189 million goal in 2014, according to Joel Sherman. The salary is a lot for a player who has hit .222 over the last two seasons, but the Yankees needed to go down this road because of their lack of depth in the outfield.

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