Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will the Real Alex Rodriguez Please Stand Up?

Alex Rodriguez has been a controversial topic of discussion for years now. His mega contract is as scary as it has ever been. How can we expect A-Rod to be himself for the next six years? He only appeared in 99 games in 2011 for the Yankees. He was nagged with injuries throughout the year that never seemed to go away. His postseason was one to forget. He is signed until his age 42 season. What can be better?

Alex has always been a force in the lineup. In recent years, his presence is still felt when he is in the lineup but he has not been putting up the same numbers that he was expected to put up when he signed the 10 year, $252 million contract with the Yankees. I truly believe that Alex will have a bounce back year in 2011. What other injuries can he possibly get? I think every part of his body has been surgically repaired since 2009. It is tough to watch a player get old and begin his decline. With Alex Rodriguez, it is no different, or is it?

A-Rod is still A-Rod. A year before his injuries started he was hitting tons of long balls and driving in runs at a crazy pace. In 2010, he hit 30 homers and drove in 125. This was done in 137 games. Imagine what a healthy A-Rod can do for the Yankees in 2012, regardless of his age. He is 36 years old. He won't hit 50 home runs anymore, but without a doubt he can still hit 30 and drive in 120. His ceiling is very high and barring injuries in 2012, I believe that he can have a fantastic year, and make that enormous contract look somewhat deserving...

My predictions for a HEALTHY Alex Rodriguez in 2012: .280 BA, 30 HR, 115 RBI.

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