Friday, February 17, 2012

A.J. Deal almost Finalized

The Yankees and Pirates have finally come to terms on a deal that would send A.J. Burnett to Pittsburgh for salary relief and two marginal prospects in the Bucs system. The Pirates will pay the remaining $13 million of Burnett's salary, according to Joel Sherman. One of the two players rumored in the deal that the Yankees will be getting is RH relief pitcher Diego Moreno. He is a 25 year old AA player who has delivered sub-par results thus far. Since salary is involved the commissioner has to OK the deal. That is not seen as a possible obstacle for the impending deal.

Burnett will re-unite with catcher Rod Barajas, with whom he won 18 games in Toronto as his battery-mate. The battery history is a good sign for Burnett and the Pirates.

The Yankees next order of business will be to sign Eric Chavez and a DH. Reports say that the Yankees are heavily interested in Raul Ibanez. Fans are against the proposition, wanting Damon back in the Bronx. I agree with the fans. Although Damon's at-bats in the second half of 2011 became impatient, I do not think that it is a sign of how he will perform for the Yankees. He just wants to win, and the Yankees know what he can do in the AL East.

The trade leaves us with one questions: Who will be the pie clown after walk-offs? We shall wait and see.

UPDATE: 3:36 PM- The second player the Yankees will receive for Burnett is Exicardo Cayones, a low A outfielder.

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