Monday, January 30, 2012

Second Base

For several years, the Yankees second base situation has been one of strength. They have arguably the best second baseman in baseball. He is a smooth fielder, hits for average, and for a ton of power.

Robinson Cano has been the Yankees rock in otherwise disappointing years for the Bombers. Since 2010, the second baseman has hit .319 and .302, respectively. Cano has hit 57 home runs since the 2010 season, in addition to being one of the only Yankees that actually hits in the postseason. It also seems like every time the bases are loaded for Robbie, he hits a grand slam! It is difficult for me to say that Cano needs to make improvements. He hits lefties and righties, and his splits are even better against lefties. Cano is what you would call a model player.

If there is one place where he could get better in 2012, it would be his fielding. Many baseball people mistake Cano's nonchalant fielding for laziness. Cano has dispelled that myth in recent years. He had a breakout year defensively in 2010, committing only three errors in 776 chances for a .996 fielding percentage. In 2011, he took a step backwards, making ten errors in essentially the exact same number of chances for a less respectable .987 fielding percentage. Cano is a gold glove second baseman who makes difficult plays look like child's play. I would like him to return to his 2010 form. His ceiling for success is endless and I firmly believe that Cano will win a batting title and an MVP award in his career. That's how highly I think of Robinson Cano. Also, hitting third in the lineup will give him more protection and will make Robbie even better being behind Granderson and in front of a (hopefully) healthy Alex Rodriguez.

My 2012 predictions for Robinson: .325 BA, 32 HR, 104 RBI

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