Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yankee Great Announces Retirement

Judging by the way the 2011 season went, it only made sense for Jorge to pack up his catching gear and explosive bat. However, Jorge still has the passion that many players in their prime do not have. Watching his press conference, it was evident that it was a difficult thing to do for Jorge. Relationships were formed in his 17 years playing for the greatest team in professional sports, and not only with his teammates.

Posada thanks the fans for sticking with him throughout the season. For a man with as much pride and passion for the game of baseball as Jorge had, it must have been difficult to turn in his catching gear before the start of the 2011 season.

Jorge leaves behind a legacy of determination and heart. He wore his heart on his sleeve until the very end. This press conference signifies Jorge's emotion while putting everything he had on the baseball field. He is a Yankee great and has been so clutch throughout his terrific career. From the double off of Pedro Martinez in the 2003 ALCS to his numerous late inning heroics, Jorge is a fighter and his passion is what inspired his fans.

It will be strange to not hear the chants of "HIP-HIP-JORGE" at the stadium anymore. Another member of the Core Four has decided to hang it up. It leaves a void in Yankees Universe. There is no doubt that nobody will ever be able to replace Jorge Posada as the heart of this team for much of seventeen seasons. I believe that Jorge will make a great major league manager one day. His passion and the fire that burns within him are ideal managerial characteristics that I hope will be exercised soon.

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