Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yankees Blow out Sox

The Yankees came into the game with the cloud that was the pine tar game and the offense quickly reminded everyone that despite Pineda's wrong last night, their offense is capable of putting up double digit runs. Felix Doubront was all over the place tonight, allowing seven runs in under three innings. However, only three of the runs were earned. The Red Sox defense committed five errors tonight as the Yankees took advantage of Boston's sloppiness. In addition, the pitching allowed twelve walks to Yankee batters and it came down to infielder/outfielder Mike Carp pitching an inning for Boston. He walked five batters in the inning but got out of the inning because of a double play in between everything, walking in only one run. Not like it mattered, because the Yankees were bound to win the game anyway as they were only three outs away with a nine run lead.

As mentioned before, the Yankees scored enough runs to win them five games depending on the day, of course. But CC Sabathia pitched six innings and labored but allowed only two runs. Shawn Greene allowed the other two Boston runs as he couldn't get an out and forced Girardi to use Adam Warren for 1.2 innings before having Robertson close the game out, just to get some pitches in after not throwing since coming off the DL. Sabathia wins his third game against two losses and the Yankees remain in first place in the AL East. 

Overall, this was a successful road trip as the Yankees took two of four against the Rays and two of three games against the Red Sox for a 4-3 road trip before coming back to Yankee Stadium to welcome in Mike Trout and the Angels. Hiroki Kuroda will pitch for the Yankees and the Yankees will see three straight lefty starters this weekend beginning with CJ Wilson tomorrow night. 

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