Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Eric Chavez off the board

Eric Chavez, who had a remarkable season for the Yankees in 2012 while filling in for Alex Rodriguez at third base has agreed to terms with the Arizona Diamondbacks, as reported by Jon Heyman. This leaves the Yankees with one less option for their third base role. Jeff Keppinger and Eric Chavez are both off the table, leaving scrap heap guys for the Yankees to choose from.

Then of course, the Yankees may have something up their sleeve. I know the Padres have been firm on their decision to not trade Chase Headley, but I have to think that if the Yankees offer them the farm, the Padres will be inclined to trade their star third baseman to the Yankees. Also, the Yankees have been in talks with Kevin Youkilis over the last couple of days but sides are far apart on dollar figures. Youkilis is open to a one year contract to re-gain some value for next off-season, but he wants to be paid well in his one year deal to make up for the fact that he will only be with his respective club for one season.

Mark Reynolds is another option to play third base, but he was so bad defensively at the position last year that the Orioles moved him to first base where he played Gold Glove caliber defense. The Yankees, of course, do not need a first baseman. They are set in that department for the next few years with a different Mark.

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