Monday, October 15, 2012

Swisher turns Sour

During the game last night, Nick Swisher had a tense vibe about him and gave his most loyal fans in right field the cold shoulder. After the game, Marc Carig caught up with the free-agent-to-be right fielder and discussed what was transpiring between him and the fans out in right field. Swisher’s answers were very disrespectful, hinting at the most loyal fans being the main culprits the heckling. On Friday night, Swisher missed a ball lined to right field that went past the outfielder and rolled to the wall to allow Detroit to score the go-ahead runs in extra innings where they would end up beating the Yankees in twelve frames. According to Swisher, the fans were suggesting that he was responsible for Jeter’s injury. Derek Jeter went for a ground ball and rolled over, suffering a fractured left ankle which has sidelined him for the remainder of the Yankees’ postseason.

The resolution for Nick Swisher is simple. Start getting hits. Swisher has been historically awful in his postseason career, posting a sub .150 average in four postseasons with the Yankees. The fact that a ball lined right to him was able to go to the wall and score Detroit’s go-ahead run only added fuel to the fire. Swisher has a chance to undo all the wrong that he has gotten himself into. He can do that tomorrow night with a decent offensive performance against Justin Verlander.
Chances are that Nick Swisher’s time in pinstripes has come to an end, and he is going out in a sour way with the fans. The thin-skinned player is taking fans’ frustrations too close to heart and turning his struggles over to blame the fans. Swisher is leaving the Bronx, and it couldn’t be at a more fitting time. Fans’ love for the right fielder has turned to heckling and impatience after Swisher has continued to struggle in the postseason.

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