Thursday, October 11, 2012

It Will All Come Down to One

The Yankees blew a game that they had several chances of winning. They stranded islands on men in scoring position and used their entire bullpen. That is the story of their season and it came back to bite them when they needed to get over their RISP woes most. Tomorrow, CC Sabathia will make his second start of the series to try to send the Yankees into the American League Championship Series. The Yankees face a dilemma even if they make the next round: CC Sabathia will not start game one. That is a huge blow for the Bombers. Technically, they did this all by themselves with their inability to get a big hit tonight. The game went thirteen innings and the Yankees just wasted a ton of energy and bullpen arms. Now, because they weren't able to get it done tonight, they will burn their ace in a game that never should have happened.

Lost in the shuffle was Phil Hughes' start. He went 6.2 innings and allowed just a run on a home run to the hot Nate McLouth. The Yankees starting pitching has been fantastic this entire series, and it is a shame that that will be overshadowed by the lack of clutch hitting. Too bad Raul Ibanez couldn't repeat what he did last night. Too bad Alex Rodriguez failed again with runners on base. Too bad the Yankees have wasted every opportunity given to them in these four games.

Last year, the Yankees were eliminated in the fifth game of the ALDS against the Tigers. This year, they face a similar fate against the Orioles after they had countless chances to make a laugher out of this series. It is late, the Yankees lost and I am tired. I will go to bed and will wake up in the morning hoping for a game five miracle tomorrow afternoon at 5PM.

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