Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yankees with an IMPROBABLE Victory!

Let's fast forward to the thirteenth inning in this whirlwind of a game. Freddy Garcia allows home runs, Justin Thomas allows a home run. The Yankees are dead. Baltimore had already won and the Yankees were about to go back into a tie for first place. However, that would not turn out to be the case. The bases were loaded with Bombers in the bottom of the thirteenth down by four runs. A passed ball, a sac fly and a game-tying two run blast put the Yankees back in the game and forces a fourteenth inning where they would get a clutch effort by Cory Wade. In the bottom of the fourteenth, once again the bases were loaded and down to the last our of the inning, Eduardo Nunez comes through and gets rewarded for putting the ball in play. The first baseman mishandles the ball and it allows Ichiro to score the winning run and give the Yankees a thrilling, come from behind victory that will be talked about for a long time. The Yankees should have won the game on an A-Rod single but Melky Mesa, who was appearing in his first major league game missed third base. No harm, no foul however. A win is a win and the Yankees were desperate for one after watching the Orioles beat the Red Sox in twelve innings.

Lost in the shuffle was Ivan Nova'a horrid start where he pitched into the third inning and Girardi pulled him before the game was out of hand. Girardi played all the cards right and was rewarded with a stunning victory. I look forward to watching this game of Yankees Classics.

The Yankees will go for the sweep and an eight game winning streak tomorrow afternoon when Kuroda takes the mound. Hopefully the Yankees don't have a hangover effect from today's game and are able to pull off a sweep!

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