Saturday, September 29, 2012

What a Pathetic Game

From all facets, the Yankees played like garbage today. They had the leadoff runner on in each of the first five innings and all they managed to get was a measly two runs in the first inning on sac flies. What is even more pathetic was the strike calling behind home plate. The umpire called pitches low and away strikes that were clearly balls and that forced some Yankee strikeouts. In addition, the Yankees were on the wrong side of a blown call in the eighth when Brett Gardner was called out on a stolen base attempt, which would have put a runner in scoring position with one out. The offense did next to nothing despite being given ample opportunity early in the game. With that game, the Yankees hold their breath to see how the Orioles-Red Sox game plays out tonight. The Orioles have a chance to tie for first place with a victory tonight against a weak Red Sox team that has looked lifeless in its games against the Orioles.

I have to give credit to Andy Pettitte for his start this afternoon. Despite clearly not having good stuff, he lasted into the sixth inning before the Blue Jays tied the game on a ground ball picked up by A-Rod which was clearly going foul. Following that, Joba Chamberlain was brought in with runners on the corners and allowed a booming double to give the Blue Jays a lead. The fact that the Yankees could not score any runs after the first inning is a major indication that they would falter quickly in a postseason series. Other teams are probably salivating at the idea of playing the Yankees in a postseason series because of their pathetic statistics with men on base.

The Yankees will bite their nails tonight as they keep track of the Baltimore-Boston score. A win by the Orioles will put them in a first place tie. Tomorrow, Phil Hughes will make his final regular season start and will look to get the Yankees out of Toronto with a series split against a team with a winning percentage of less than 45%.

EDIT: The Baltimore Orioles have indeed won their game against the Red Sox by a final of 4-3. The American League East is up for grabs with four games to go. Let's see if Girardi will have Andruw Jones play again this season...

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